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Welcome to Australian Property Wealth Strategists (APWS) and thank you for visiting this website.  

From here, you can choose to browse through either the USA property opportunities with exceptional high yields and capital growth expectations and/or, to browse the Australian property section, with a wide range/selection of property options, in both residential and commercial settings, offering positive and negative gearing and of course strong yield and capital growth – simply click the images above. 

Please take time out to visit the Properties and Businesses for Sale which are not exhaustive and the About APWS sections, which will allow you a much greater understanding of the property opportunities and high quality services, APWS will support you with at all times.   

You can quickly and easily join (free) become a member and receive regular updates to your email address, via our eNewsletter. 

Please take sometime to look over the APWS website (Site Map) and familiarise yourself with the services and support on offer, at no charge to you.  

All that is asked, is some of your time in finding the right property for you and your goals, which in turn will help build and ensure a sustainable wealth profile for you, for many years to come. 

I trust you will find this a rewarding and enlightening experience. However, if you have any improvements to suggest, then please use the following form, as constructive feedback is the fuel of great achievements. 

Christopher Hare


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